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Week of September 20

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ACKidz Preschool

We are in week 2 of Dr. Tock’s Traveling Clock series.  Check out the short video in the link for the Bible Story.

Week 2 of Dr. Tock’s Traveling Clock

Bible Story:  Joseph Learns to do What’s Right  Genesis 37; 39:1-6

Need To Know:  Do (thumbs to chest) what’s right (two thumbs up)
Remember Verse:  ”Love (hug self) being kind (pat heart) to others.” (Point to others) Micah 6:8 (hands open, like a book)

What is one way you can do what is right at home? If someone tells you not to do eat candy before bed, but you do it anyway, is that doing the right thing? No! We can do what is right by listening and obeying those who love and care for us.  If you see someone in your family and they are really sad, how can you do what is right?  When you pray, be sure to ask God to help you always do the right thing.  

ACKidz K-5

Hi K-5 kids!  We are starting a new lesson this week.  It is called Paul and the Shipwreck.Use the link and video player from lesson 1 to watch Chris and Joy’s Dilemma and the Bible Story and Resolution.

To access this course, click on the picture below.

The guest password is: Psalm91

K-5 Paul and the Shipwreck GizmoNote.

We learned Paul did make it to Rome, just as God had revealed to him in the ship during the storm.

SuperTruth: I can accomplish God’s mission when I focus on Jesus.
SuperVerse: Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Hebrews 12:1b-2a (NKJV)

Discussion Questions:

1. Who was on an important mission to help people in a village that had been damaged by a terrible flood? Why was Joy so discouraged?
2. Have you ever had an important assignment that you thought would be fun or exciting, but it turned out to be hard?
3. Who will help us finish an important job even if it is incredibly hard?
4.  The Apostle Paul was a man of determination and strength. It seemed that nothing could stop him from accomplishing the mission God gave him. But where did that strength come from? Do you think he just had an amazing amount of will power?
5.  What kind of race is our SuperVerse talking about?
6. What does it mean to run with endurance?

Prayer Starter: Jesus, help me to be obedient to Your Word so that I can...

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