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Week of October 4

Worship ACKidz style.

ACKidz Preschool

4th and final week of Dr. Tock’s Traveling Clock.
Check out the Bible Story in the video below.

Week 4: Dr. Tock’s Traveling Clock

Need to Know: Be Kind (pat heart)

Bible Story: Joseph was Kind in Prison Genesis 39:20- 41:14

Remember Verse: “Love (hug self) Being kind (pat heart) To others.” (point to others) Micah 6:8 (hands open, like a book)

Challenge: Think about how you can be kind at home and school. Ask how you can be helpful at home and school, and ask God to help you be the kindest person you can be.

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ACKidz K-5

K-5  We start a new lesson this week.  Check out the video player for lesson 1 and watch Chris and Joy’s Dilemma and the Bible Story and Resolution.

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K-5 GizmoNote for Revelation: The Final Battle
We learned that Paul knew first hand that nothing was greater or more powerful than God’s love—it could not be stopped!

SuperTruth: I will live my life knowing that Jesus will come again.
SuperVerse: “Men of Galilee,” they said, “why are you standing here staring into heaven? Jesus has been taken from you into heaven, but someday He will return from heaven in the same way you saw Him go!” Acts 1:11

Discussion Questions:
1. Did Chris believe that his parents could forgive him?
2. Do you think Chris’s choice to disobey represents how we are to live our lives?
3. What would have been the better choice for Chris to do in obedience to his parents?
4. Do you think you would have stood there staring like the disciples did?
5. In our story, what did you think when Jesus appeared in the clouds with His army of angels?
6. How did Chris find the strength to recognize and reject Satan’s lies, and instead, have wisdom to believe the truth of God’s Word?
7. Try to imagine what that would be like. You are standing with Jesus and then He ascends into the clouds as you stand there! What would you think or feel?
8. Do you think the disciples felt hopeless or even scared that Jesus was leaving them alone?
9. Do you think the disciples thought Jesus would come back during their lifetime?

Prayer Starter: Jesus, You promised to come back again. Because of that, I want to...

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